Weekly Photo Challange: Bridge

A line?

Semi circle?

It does’t even look like a bridge.

What a silly person. Lol

OMG! Why is this person even blogging?


You all might be thinking all this or even much more. Seriously Why did i take black photo, made a white semi circle with my finger?

Here is the answer!


To me, it is a Bridge. Yes, bridge that i made for my self. I created it. I am free, my mind is free to think or make anything. In our lives we make our own ways. We create our paths. We make our own bridges. We make our bridges to crossover our hurdles, the blockages, in order to move forward. Move ahead.

This is really short, I know. I just want to say that we make our own bridges. Lets just make ones with bricks that are hard enough!


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