My 5 Favorite Motivational Quotes

Hey Readers!

By reading the title you guys must be thinking i am into poetry. Well, no i am not. but i do have some favorite quotes, the quotes i look up to the most. I will share them with you and also let you know the reason why i adore them so much.

So lets start.

1. Dream until your dreams come true.

I love this quote and it is my top favorite. this 6 word sentence lets me dream, make goals  work on them until i achieve them. it motivates me to plan and accomplish things.



2. The obstacle is the path.

I know i am not the right path when there are obstacles in my way. they could be small or big. You are on the wrong path if there aren`t any obstacles.




3. Make today so awesome that yesterday gets jealous.

I believe that everyday has its significance and it has to be lived like it’s the last one. you never know when is your last day,  live love life. Dont waste the time. Make everyday count.



4. Remind yourself that its ok not to be perfect.

Yes, I believe its ok not to be perfect. Nobody is perfect. Everyone has their flaws  And everyone is beautiful in their own way. You don’t have to be slim and smart to look beautiful. You dont have to be tech smart to look cool. There is so much more to this world than struggling to be perfect.

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5. Make yourself a priority.

I love this quote. You don’t have to compromise always. Either let them prioritize you or it`s time to leave. One must have enough self-respect to let go someone who treats you as an option.



So these were my favorite quotes that I look up to.

Do share yours in the comments below.

Do give this blog a star if you like any of the quotes.


Until next time! Stay Blessed!





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